Monday, April 7, 2014

Get a Rounder Butt by Summer

Wouldn't you like to have a better shaped, rounder butt for the summer. Wouldn't it be nice to walk at the beach and look good in those new bikinis. It is possible, there are three exercises that you should know to have a better butt. These exercises have been proven time and time again to target your butt and to be most effective.

First is squats, this is probably the exercise you will hear every time you ask for a good butt exercise. There is nothing secret about it, there is nothing special you should do. You just need to do the squat exercise, with legs in a little wider position than your regular stance is and then just squat deep down and back up.

Second is straight leg deadlifts. Another power move, basically you just lift the bar or dumbbells up and straighten yourself then go back as down as you can while still keeping your whole back straight. Try to use as much as possible your butt in the motion when you are getting back up, squeeze your butt. This is a great exercise to mold and lift your butt.