Monday, April 7, 2014

Get a Bubble Butt - Make It Round and Sexy

Are you sick and tired of having a flat butt? You want to put on a pair of jeans or a dress and it just doesn't fit well because there is nothing to fill it out with. You go out with your girlfriends and guys turn around to look at their well shaped behinds while you are left unnoticed?

What if there was a way of changing this, a way to get a bubble butt and to make your butt really round and sexy in only a few weeks time? If you keep reading I will tell you the secret of how to get a bubble butt.

Just picture yourself with a bigger sexier butt, just imagine what you would look like and how it would feel. You stand in front of the mirror and you see your jeans stretched hard against your booty and so far it is only you watching yourself. Then when you leave your home you will get a whole lot more attention than you are used to (in a good way) and you will feel a whole lot more confident.

So how do you do it. How do you get a bubble butt?

You have probably been given all kinds of weird advice already. Things like eating cornbread or heaps of junkfood and just stay on your booty all day. This is only hazardous to your health but it certainly won't improve the looks of your behind either. The fat will go everywhere on your body and even if you do add some fat on your booty this way it sure won't look nice. So just stick to healthy foods.

Now the other advice people usually give when it comes to building a bigger butt is exercise. This is a lot better. Exercises is needed to get a good butt as the buttocks are made up of muscle. Good exercises targeting the buttocks will make them stronger and bigger. To get a noticeable difference you need know which exercises you need to do.